Peek Road Marking

Wherever you’re heading, Peek leads the way.

For nearly 50 years, Peek Pavement Marking has earned its place as one of the premier pavement marking companies in the industry. Peek is a true full-service company and has made substantial investments in people and equipment, ensuring that when you trust your project to Peek, you will get the best job possible, period.

Peek Airfield Marking

Whether by land, sea or air, Peek marks the way.

In addition to marking roads and highways, Peek Pavement Marking is highly skilled at marking airfields, seaports, military bases, power plants and more. We have made significant investments in training and equipment to provide services to these and other complex developments, whatever their size.

Peek Safety Equipment

Wherever our industry goes, Peek shows the way.

Peek Pavement Marking is constantly improving equipment and methods, whether we are implementing specialized training to meet safety requirements or developing equipment to overcome the challenges of a new project. We also supply arrow boards, drums, signs and message boards for rent or for sale.


Any Size Job

Whatever the job, our 200+ vehicle fleet and crews can handle it.


Take Off

Peek can make your airfield marking project a success.


Safety First

Peek safety equipment can help keep your next job worry free.

Marking your way

Peek Pavement Marking combines a 200-plus vehicle fleet with highly trained crews and a commitment to service second to none. We mark projects of all sizes, from roads and highways to the largest airfields, military bases — virtually any surface that require markings or delineation. Peek will complete your job safely, on budget and on time.

We also provide surface preparation and line eradication and sign installations, as well as traffic control. Our Remerton, Georgia, branch, near Valdosta, supplies arrow boards, drums, signs and message boards for rent or for sale.

Our clients and contractors include private developers and a variety of government agencies at the local, county, state and federal levels. Call or email Peek. Let us show you what marking your way is all about.

What we do

Peek Pavement Marking provides road marking and airfield marking, from start to finish.

Marking Removal. Whether the job calls for high pressure water blast removal or grinding, we can handle it.

Surface Preparation. Surface preparation is often required for marking projects. We can provide high pressure water blast removal and grinding surface preparation. In the case of airfields, we can also provide rubber removal and friction testing.

Temporary and Permanent Marking. We can work with you from the start of a road project to its completion, with temporary marking and traffic control, permanent marking, signage installation and more.